Ballysillan Playing Fields - Long Term Development Plan

Closed 21 Dec 2018

Opened 23 Nov 2018


Development plans for Ballysillan Playing Fields

Working in partnership with the Urban Villages Initiative, we have developed a long - term development plan to create a thriving, welcoming and shared space in Ballysillan.

We have now developed initial designs for the playing fields and we want to hear your views.

Location of Ballysillan Playing Fields

The Ballysillan Playing Fields are located beside Ballysillan Leisure Centre



Proposed Long Term Development Plan

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The overall concept plan is designed to be:

Welcoming – proposed facilities include:

Additional synthetic pitches, a cycle track, play area, dog park, community gardens and Parkrun routes, as well as events space for local community groups to gather and enjoy outdoor events such as summer festivals, concerts, community fun days, markets and fairs – enabling the park to cater for a wide range of age groups and interests.

Safe – proposed facilities include:

Installation of lighting throughout the park to improve visibility during the hours of darkness.

Accessible – proposed facilities include:

Entrance enhancements at numerous pedestrian gateways, creating ease of access around the perimeter and improved pathways within the park to enable walking, jogging, cycling and running.

Natural – proposed facilities include:

Enhancing the natural surroundings by opening up parts of the river to create wetlands, and shaping parts of the area to encourage wildlife and plants to thrive. 

What are the proposals for the playing fields?

The space will offer a range of recreational facilities for all age groups including extra competition standard synthetic pitches

The plans also include additional play areas, including a natural play area and a pump track for older children and teenagers to use.

The designs include an open activity space and walking and running routes.   

There is also an events space which would offer an area for the local community groups to congregate and enjoy outdoor events including summer festivals, concerts, community fun days, markets and fairs.

As well as recreational facilities, the proposals include the enhancement of the natural surroundings of the space, including opening up parts of the river to create wetlands, and shaping parts of the area to provide a habitat for wildlife and for plants to thrive. 

A range of attractions

We want residents and visitors to the park to feel a sense of pride and ownership. The proposal provides a range of experiences, including play for all ages and abilities, pitches for training and competition, outdoor fitness and classes, and year round events. The park will respond to the needs of different users of all abilities.

Improved access and links

The updated proposal aims to improve several entrances into the park, creating connections for people to use. The designs offer space for walking, jogging, cycling and running through the park. 

More information

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Park projects in Urban Village areas

We are working in partnership with the Urban Villages Initiative to enhance our existing parks and also to create new parks, play parks and open spaces. Some of the projects we are working on include:

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  • enhancements to Marrowbone Millennium Park,
  • enhancements to Ballysillan Park, and;
  • a new park in the Colin area.

Why We Are Consulting

Following consultation, we will review the priorities for the design of the park. We will feedback to the public with these refined designs before submission of a Planning Application.

What Happens Next

Funding is not available to take forward all of the potential new facilities right now but we would like you to help us prioritise them.

We are therefore seeking feedback from the local community and stakeholders on the elements within the initial design that they would like to be prioritised and taken forward.

The Urban Villages Initiative will then use this feedback to put together a business case, including initial concept designs and costs for the prioritised elements, before applying for planning permission.  





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