Good Relations Strategy

Closed 11 Apr 2019

Opened 17 Jan 2019


Belfast City Council has developed an initial draft Good Relations Strategy. The development of a new Strategy will provide the framework for progress on building Good Relations within the City for the next number of years.

The main thrust of the initial draft strategy is that Good Relations is everyone’s business, as it affects every facet of our society – socially, economically and physically. It is aligned closely with the Belfast Agenda, Local Development Plan, the work around resilience and will support the overall delivery of Good relations within the City.

The proposed vision within the draft Strategy is for A Shared City – a city reimagined, connected and resurgent, delivering inclusive growth that leaves no one behind.

Why We Are Consulting

Belfast City Council has decided to develop a new Good Relations Strategy and in June 2018, work started on the development of an initial draft Strategy. 

In the development of the initial draft Strategy, a range of consultation and engagement activity was undertaken. Workshops were held with members of the Shared City Partnership and a range of relevant Council staff. In addition to this, a range of external experts in the field of Good Relations have been engaged in ongoing individual consultation meetings, and the Council’s Corporate Management Team also participated in a consultation exercise.

Following this initial consultation and engagement process, a draft strategy has been developed. 

The draft Strategy was considered by our Elected Members at party level, at the Shared City Partnership and at it's Strategic Policy and Resources meetings. At it's January meeting, the Council agreed to issue the draft Strategy for a 12 week public consultation exercise, which was launched on the 17th January.

The public consultation process is an essential componant to the overall development of the final Strategy. The voices of the citizens on this issue is key. We want to hear the views, opinions and ideas of our residents on the future direction of Good Relations so that we can to shape, develop and improve the City for everyone, ensuring that no-one is left behind.  

The draft strategy is enclosed below. A large print version is also below. Should you require the document in a different format or in another language, please email with your request.

What Happens Next

The results of the consultation and engagement exercises, through the public events and the online surveys will be used to inform and revise the current draft Good Relations Strategy.

Following this revision, a final Strategy will be presented to our Elected Members for adoption by the Council.

The new Good Relations Strategy will then be formally launched in June 2019.



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