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  • Belfast Resilience Strategy

    Thank you for your interest in Belfast’s draft Resilience Strategy. This work aims to ‘future proof’ Belfast- so that the city is ready for the challenges we face this century. Belfast is a member of a global network of cities like Barcelona, Cape Town, San Francisco and... More
    Opened 10 January 2020
  • Consultation on Council decision to erect bilingual naming and internal directional signage at Brook Leisure Centre

    Overview Belfast aims to be a welcoming and inclusive city for all. One way to do this is to encourage linguistic diversity, which is about acknowledging and promoting different languages. Our Language Strategy 2018 - 23 sets out our commitment to linguistic... More
    Opened 20 December 2019
  • Draft Consultation and Engagement Framework

    We are committed to listening to what people have to say about the services we provide and what they want to see happen in the city and their local area. We believe that listening to and involving people will lead to better, more responsive services and improved quality of life for all. But, i... More
    Opened 9 December 2019
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