Draft Consultation and Engagement Framework

Closes 2 Mar 2020

Opened 9 Dec 2019


We are committed to listening to what people have to say about the services we provide and what they want to see happen in the city and their local area.  We believe that listening to and involving people will lead to better, more responsive services and improved quality of life for all.  But, in order to best shape and improve our city, neighbourhoods and services, then meaningful consultation and engagement is crucial. 

To help us do this we have developed a draft consultation and engagement framework, that will guide how we will listen, consult and engage.  

The  purpose of the framework is to improve the quality, value and effectiveness of our consultation and engagement.  It outlines our approach to consultation and engagement and sets out a clear vision with underlying principles and standards.  It will be supported by an action plan and other measures to ensure that we consistently meet expectations. 

Why We Are Consulting

In keeping with our commitment to consult and involve people, we are putting our draft framework out to consultation.  Please tell us what you think about the framework and let us know if you have any views or suggestions on how we can improve our practices and approaches to consultation and engagement. 

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